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Amish Designs

Of all the various themes and motifs to choose from, Amish designs are without a doubt,
the "jewel in the crown" of quilting.
Their utter joy of expression, exemplified by the use of solid fabrics,
and the art of dense, highly intricate hand-stitching, knows no equal.
Bright and bold, yet soothing to the soul,
Amish Quilts have a distinct place wherever there is a need
for warmth, colour, and comfort - be it home or office.




Amish patterns, Amish quilts


Amish Rose

An interesting combination of modern and traditional design in a pattern known as Amish Rose.  Sweet in simplicity, and compact in size, this tapestry measures 40" x 40".  It is machine-pieced, with a top that is entirely  hand-quilted.

The focal point is an arrangement of 144 triangles of various shades and hues, aligned into one larger triangle which is both intriguing and pleasing to the eye.  There is no sense of 'busy-ness' is spite of the wide palette of colour, rather an aura of calm and peace prevails. This serenity is what Amish Quilting is all about.

The sole use of solid fabrics is what sets Amish design apart.  It provides a perfect showcase for the equisite and detailed hand-stitching which Amish quilters are so famous for.



Four roses, each with a corresponding  leaf design, occupy the corners.  They compliment the triangle centerpiece, offering it placement and definition.  A close-up picture (below), shows the density of hand-quilting.  No space, however small, is without some form of stitch design.

Amish Quilts, patternsq

This particular example is known as 'echo-quilting', whereby the stitching continually 'echoes'  the shape of fabric rose and leaf.

The border, also seen here, is of the same intense black fabric.  However, instead of  the black thread used elsewhere in the quilt,  the hand-quilting of the border is done in threads of contrasting colours; green comprises a vine and leaf motif, while red defines floral buds and blooms. 

This differing choice of threads provides a frame for the quilt, with a theme that stands out - even as it blends in - with the surrounding shapes and colour scheme.







Starry Night

 Amish quilt designs


Another example of  a traditional and simple design, in keeping with Amish custom.  This quilt is comprised of nine blocks in a variety of star configurations. 

Fabrics used for the stars are Amish solids known as 'sherbets.  Like the ice cream for which they are named, these delicate pastel tints in shades of mint, lavender, lemon, orange, pale pink, and robin's egg blue, afford a light and airy feel to the quilt, despite the intense black background.

The blocks are traditional in origin:

Evening Star           Ohio Star                  Ribbon Star
Variable Star           Star Gardener        Twin Star
Indian Star               Braced Star             Pierced Star




 Amish design, Star Gardener

The central square is the intricately-pieced Star Gardner.  The remaining star blocks, radiating out around it, are of a simpler, less complicated configuration, offering a distinct, yet subtle contrast.

Measuring 45" x 45", the quilt is machine-pieced, and entirely hand-quilted.  As you can see at right, the blocks themselves are outline-quilted in black thread, whereas the background, or 'sky'  is quilted with a diagonal block design using silver metallic thread.  French knots interspersed throughout the lattice strips further enhance the star design and theme.

Each individual block has been embroidered with the name of it's design.

This wall-hanging is densely quilted, in keeping with Amish tradition.  The use of silver metallic thread gives shimmer and shine to the quilt, almost as though one were truly gazing into the evening sky.  It is indeed a Starry Night!


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