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Caring Quilts N' Pillows

Life isn't always sunshine and flowers....sometimes there are clouds and rain.
And we all need a little comfort - be it a hug, or some extra caring.
These "Caring Quilt" sets are designed to do just that.
They wrap around you like a loving pair of arms...
.... or cushion a head that is weary, in need of rest.
Plus, a Caring Quilt can be with someone you love - even when you can't.
They offer a touch of home, a reminder that all will be well...
Everyone can use a security blanket at some time or another....and Caring Quilt Sets provide that added reassurance!



Caring Quilt, Sunshine and Flowers

Caring Quilt Sets come in all colours, themes and designs according to your own special taste and preference.  They measure approximately 44" by 52", and include a matching pillow complete with cording, which measures 14" square.

Bold, bright, and beautiful..or....soft, warm and soothing...they are guaranteed to bring a little sunshine and love to any room - - or heart!!

A simple design of patterned blocks, alternates with coordinating solid-coloured squares.   The result is not only pleasing to the eye, but uplifting to the spirit as well.  Something we all need on occasion.

 There is a warm feeling of home and comfort about a Caring Quilt Set.  Perfect for the college student going away to school for the first time.  Or for a loved one in need of added care, moving to an assisted living situation.    They are also an uplifting source of encouragement for those recovering from a prolonged illness or difficult treatment.  A spot of hope -as well as warmth!

Caring Quilt and Pillow set

A matching pillow approximately 14" x 14" in size, completes the set.   Together - they make a lovely and thoughtful gift set!

Caring Quilt seams are "finished", for added durability and wear.  They hold up well to machine-washing and drying for your convenience.   The quilts are tied with either a matching or contrasting yarn.  And the solid squares are machine-embroidered with a small floral design.

A personalized label can be stitched to the back of the piece with a short message of love, support, or encouragement.  Very versatile...perfect as a lap-quilt, or a small bed throw, or to lay across the back of sofa or couch.  Better yet, wrap it around your shoulders for a warm and comforting hug.  And with the matching pillow on either bed, or have a lovely gift set!

Caring Quilts are specially designed to give a feeling and sense of love, comfort...and....yes, Caring.    When you can't be there in person to offer a much nMum Quilteeded hug or show of support - Caring Quilts can be there for you!

Don't forget.....these warm, fluffy quilts are also great to come home to after a long, hard day.... a little added comfort for curling up with a good book, or favourite TV show.

Caring Quilts come in many different colours and themes....bright and cheery, warm  and comforting....  

Note: Caring Quilt Sets include both a lap quilt and a matching pillow!

Currently available....  Caring Quilts In Stock

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Also....made to order....Daisies, Caring Quilt

Each quilt is individually designed and tailored in colour, theme, and motif for the person you'd like to give it to.  It is  made to reflect their interests, tastes and/or style....and yours, as well.

Caring Quilts, including  both quilt and pillow are priced at $175, plus $25 shipping.
A deposit of $75 is required up front, the remainder to be paid upon completion when the set is ready to ship. 

Please allow 4 weeks for custom orders.

Caring Quilt Gift Certificates are also available.

To order  a Caring Quilt Set, in your choice of colour an theme give us a call at 617-304-4249
or  email Custom Quilts at  


And....if you have any questions, or would like further information - do not hesitate!  We are happy to  help.