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Exclusively for Your Child!

One of the cutest lines we a that of a quilt made from the clothing of your children.
Set aside, and save those outgrown dresses or shirts...a little worn, too small...they still have value
and can be made into a small wall-hanging or lap blanket.
Time flies, and our children grow-up all too fast! 
This is a unique way to preserve the warmth and joy....cherished memories of their younger days.
These quilts make great gifts for grandparents...a special aunt or godparent,
but especially for mothers - because they will always be our babies no matter how grown.



Celebrating Sarah....

Celebrate your Child quilt



This delightful piece, measuring approximately 46" by 46" was made in honour of a beloved daughter - who is growing up fast!  It is built around a central design done in a Sunbonnet Sue pattern, and includes photos of both Sarah and her mother! 

An inner frame of coloured squares echoes a Prairie Point Border around the outside of the piece.  The small pink satin border is taken from Sarah's favourite princess Halloween costume.

This quilt is a candy confection of, turquoise, lavender and apple green. 

Perfect for a little girl's room, or as a gift for mother or grandmother, it defines that well-known saying...."sugar and spice and everything nice."


And of course....we have patterns and designs just right for that special little boy and cherished son!

What a lovely way to celebrate your child...or children!





Childrens Quilts





Rendered in a classic Sunbonnet Sue pattern - we have both Sarah (smaller figure) and and her mother, depicted in fabrics from Sarah's outgrown rompers and dresses. 

The  ground upon which they're standing is taken from a favorite dress, the smocking of which was cut out and then reinserted to make it look like a field of  flowers on a meadow of green.

And of course, the sun always shines bright...thanks to yellow rays of hand-quilting.




Children's Quilts




A closer photos shows some of the details that help to make this quilt such a delight!  Mother and daughter share a bouquet of flowers, that include sequins from Sarah's princess costume.

The quilt is machine-pieced and hand-quilted with a variety of  coloured threads in keeping with the desired colour motif.

Pink hearts are hand-quilted between the photographs in the borders of the quilt - an added touch of love for Sarah!


A label sewn onto the back of the quilt with a personal note of love and affection gives the quilt extra meaning and caring!



A single quilt can combine and use the clothing articles of more than one child - making it a family quilt!

These lovely children's quilts run between $200-$400 depending upon size and detail.  Please allow 5-6 weeks from time of order.


If you are interested in a quilt of this type, or would like further information, please give us a call at 617-304-4249 or



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