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Celtic Nature: The Druid's Quilt


Druid Quilt, New age Quilt





Measuring 56" by 65 ", this beautiful tapestry finds its inspiration from the natural world, firmly rooted in ancient Celtic Lore.

The plants depicted were chosen for their underlying meanings, and thematic representations of ancient folklore...and the uses to which they were put.

This unique design revolves around a central spiral theme, reminiscent of those found at Newgrange; the famous Passage Tomb in Ireland dating from 3200 BC, and considered by the 'Auld Ones'  to be a sidhe, or fairy mound. 

Surrounding the Spiral....beginning at the bottom, in clockwise the THISTLE, fashioned in metallic lame fabric and highlighted with metallic threads, right down to the veining of the leaves; symbol of all that is Scotland.



Bluebells of Scotland

BLUE BELLS, also of Scotland.... tender and delicate in nature.

SILVER BIRCH, earliest of the forest trees to put out leaves, and therefore named as the first month after the Winter Solstice.  It is a tree of beginnings, with wood traditionally used for cradles....Beth of the Ogham Calendar.

WILLOW, a tree which loves water, and beloved of the moon-goddess; it is also sacred to poets, bestowing the gift of eloquence.  Saille of the Ogham.



Druid Quilt


ENGLISH MISTLETOE, the All-Heal...a sacred druidic plant believed to cure illness; in rare cases it grows upon the mighty oak.  Its small white berries are tiny balls, sewn onto the quilt in a 3-dimensional manner.

OAK, King of all the is steeped in royalty.  A tree of triumph and endurance, representing courage.   It belongs to the Druids, with branches that extend as high in the sky, as roots which run deep underground....Duir of the Ogham Calendar...and brimming with acorns.


Druid Quilt



SCOT'S PINE...Guibhas of the ancient alphabet.  This is a tree to build boats.  It is used in bonfires at the Winter Solstice to call back the sun, and as an aide for despondency or despair.  Notice the seeds of the cones, outlined in gold thread.

IRISH LADIES TRESSES...a rare and beautiful orchid found in Ireland and Scotland.  It grows in proximity to Oak and Scot's Pine...just like in the quilt.  The small white florets are puffed fabric, and attached to the quilt  in a 3-dimensional manner.

Stalks of  WHEAT follow next in the cycle....the very staple of life, and focus of August's celebration of Lughnasa in Ireland, and that of Lammas-tide in Scotland



Druid Quilt



A branch of ROWAN...."quickbeam", the Tree of Life.  Druids kindled them for incantations.  Adorned with berries of  'magic'  to heal the wounded.  They were considered food for the gods.  Luis of the Ogham Calendar.

The background fabric of the quilt is that of a marbled light blue, representative of the sky and heavens.

Each of the four corners contains a Celtic knot design of zoomorphic-styled birds, with embroidered feather details in metallic threads which shimmer and gleam in the light.



Newgrange, spiral, quilt


The central spiral is done in marbled green fabric which matches the outer border of the quilt.  It is appliqued using metallic thread which picks up and emits flickering rays of light.




Note that the stitching on the front of the quilt mirrors to the back, as seen in the Thistle below.

Scottish Nature Quilt

The exquisite and detailed hand-stitching, along with the 3-dimensional rendering of so many features, makes for a very unique and one-of-a-kind piece of art.  This tapestry is sure to catch the eye, and hold pride of place wherever it is displayed.

The Quilt is both machine and hand-stitched.  Appliqued pieces are all highlighted using satin-stitching embroidery in a variety of cotton/polyester and metallic threads.   Tabs at the top of the quilt hold a dowel for hanging.

A delightful way to bring Nature and the out of doors - indoor to home or office.

Celtic Nature is priced at $800, plus shipping.

We're sorry.....Celtic Nature has been sold.

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