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Family Quilts

Families have their own unique ideas of what constitutes an heirloom, and how this can best be expressed.
An heirloom being defined as an item of value - either materially or sentimentally -  passed down from generation to generation. 
For each family this will mean something different.
These quilts are designed to celebrate and honour
the traditions, generations, and cultural heritage of Family.



ethnic quilts, heritage quilts

Tejan's Quilt;
The Spirit of India

Words simply cannot express the colour and exuberance of this beautiful one-of-a-kind tapestry piece!

32 squares surround a floral center-piece designed and painted by Tejan's mother.  Her daughter also contributed squares, making this a true heirloom quilt.  One which spans three generations of  women within the family.

Fabrics for the squares were taken from saris Tejan had saved over the years, including her wedding gown.  These delicate and light-woven fabrics were then stitched onto black velour, a heavier weighted fabric, opposite in texture.  Together, this combination of light vs. dark colours, and delicate vs. heavy weave, make for an unusual and distinct presentation in contrasts.

The quilt measures 45" x 51", and is bordered in a deep green velour fabric, which has been inset with strips of densely embroidered silver-work taken from Tejan's wedding gown.



india, woman, ethnic quilt


This quilt stands out not only for its bold colour and design, but also for the many embroidered, appliqued, and 3-dimensional touches.  All of which combine to make this quilt a delight for the eye to behold.  There is always something new and different to see.

A closer look shows the 3-dimensional figure of a woman in traditional Indian garb, appliqued across four blocks.  The upper right square is embroidered with a small path, and patches of grass, the better to give direction and purpose to the figure.  Sequins and gold embroidered trim from some of the saris combine with metallic threads, and together, they sparkle and glimmer in the light.  Simple, yet elegant in its cultural presentation.

Quilt of India, family culture quilt


A teapot, stitched from a lotus flower pattern, gives an impression of fine china.  3-dimensional, iridescent pearls pour from the teapot into a cup and saucer diagonally below, also from the same fabric.

Metallic threads are used heavily throughout this quilt to high-light the many different designs, and provide an interesting contrast with the heavier and darker background fabric.   So many different textures combine to challenge and awaken the senses.


peacock feather quilt


Hands held in a traditional Indian greeting, stitched with detailed fingers, are embroidered into place beneath a heavy brass button, which is etched with a colourful floral motif.

Even more striking, is the actual peacock feather carefully  hand-stitched onto yet another one of the squares.

This entire quilt is a feast for the eyes; full of glimmer and light, with many unusual features not found in your average quilt.  There are faceted jewels, pearls, tiny organza flowerets, whimsical touches like buttons of dragonflies, a hummingbird, and even a frog on a lily pad.  Everywhere you look, there is something new to see and discover.

Sunflower quilt, nature quilt


The Spirit of India comes alive in Tejan's Quilt!   The colours and design of this bright and beautiful tapestry piece, celebrates both the culture and the generations that make up a Family.

And yes, sunflowers are Tejan's favourite, as you can see here, complete with a tiny bumblebee hovering near.


A Quilt like this can translate into any culture or ethnic heritage, using your own colours, themes, and family traditions. 



If you are interested in a similar piece to celebrate your own heritage and background, please contact Custom Quilts.  We are happy to work with you in the design and adaptation of a Family Quilt you can hang in your home, and share with the generations.

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