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Frequently Asked Questions...

  1. What are your terms of payment?
    A deposit of 1/3 to 1/2 of the total cost is required up front.  The remainder is paid upon completion, when the item is ready to ship.   Payment plans can also be worked out to better suit your budget. 

  2. Can you give me further details regarding shipping/handling?
    All packages ship via either UPS or USPostal and are insured, as well as tracked, for added assurance and convenience.  Most packages go out 3-day Ground or Express Mail.  Generally speaking, shipping charges average $30+ for domestic orders.  Larger, more expensive pieces incur greater shipping costs to cover the price of insuring the piece.  Overseas and Canada costs are configured differently, we suggest you call for a  quote. 

  3. How do you determine the price of your quilts?
    Pricing depends upon many variables,  including the types of materials used, i.e. cotton fabrics cost far less than damask, or brocades.  Photographs stitched into a quilt will also affect the price due to added costs of paper and ink.  This is not a substantial amount however, keeping in mind there is a big difference between 4-5 photographs in a quilt versus 20-30. Intricacy of design, and fine detail work also factor in, as both require greater time and effort in creating the piece.   Naturally the more information you can share  regarding what you have in mind, the better able we are to give you an accurate quote in terms of materials and time.

  4. Regarding Queen or King sized bed quilts.....
    At Custom Quilts we specialize in the smaller-sized items.  Queen or King-sized quilts are beyond what we are equipped to handle, at the current time.  For us - the joy is in the detail, and smaller pieces lend themselves well to lots of exquisite and fine handwork - which we love to do!  This is why we focus primarily on wall-hangings and tapestry pieces, as well as home-decor items, along with paraments and stoles. 

  5. I have an idea for a custom-designed quilt.  What do I do next?  What is the process?
    First step is to contact Custom Quilts.  You can call (617-304-4249) or email
    From share your idea or thoughts, and we discuss how best to make it into a quilt.  We can suggest fabrics and colour themes, and an initial sketch  is made and sent.  Once approved, a down payment is made and work is begun.  Locally, you can stop by our studio anytime during business  hours to see how your quilt is looking.  Otherwise, you will receive emails with photos of the piece as it is being created.  When the quilt is finished, a final payment is made, and the piece is shipped out.

    We work carefully with you to ensure clarity of thought and design.  Good communication with our clients means a quilt you can be proud to own and display.  Due to the nature of hand-work, each piece is an individual work of art, and can vary slightly in actuality of design.  However, all effort is made to ensure that the finished piece is as close to the approved design as possible.  Client input is sought and encouraged at each stage as work proceeds.

  6. What if I change  my mind and decide I don't want a quilt after all?
    If after viewing the initial sketch and design, you decide you'd rather not proceed, it's okay.  There is no obligation to buy the quilt.  We do not charge for consulting.  It's better to take your time and think about what you want to do first, as once a down-payment is made, it is non-refundable, except for extenuating circumstances.

  7. Can I watch my quilt being made?
    You are encouraged to view the piece as it progresses, and can visit our studio at any time during business hours to see how your quilt looks at different stages of completion.  Or, for our internet clients, we are happy to email you photo updates on a regular basis so you can view your piece as it comes together.  We feel it is important for our clients to be a part of the actual 'creating' process, and have found this to be an effective way of accomplishing that.

  8. How long does it take to finish a piece?
    This varies based upon size and detail, as well as the current schedule.  When an initial cost estimate is given, a time estimate is decided upon as well.  It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to complete a piece, depending upon size, intricacy of design, detail, and execution.  The quality of a piece will not be compromised due to time constraints.  If you must have a piece completed by a specific deadline, please be sure to let us know when placing your order.

As always. . . . if you have any questions. . . or would like further information,
please give us a call at 617-304-4249 or
 email us at