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The Flower of Scotland



The Flower of Scotland


This magnificent tapestry piece captures both the desolation and grandeur of the Scottish Highlands.

A beautiful fractured landscape, it measures 65" across by 55" down.

The scene depicted here is that of the Glen Coe area of western Scotland...a place known as Rannoch Moor.

The foreground is marsh and bog, culminating in an island of fir trees surrounded by rock and stream.  From here the landscape gradually gives way to the foothills and corries of the lower elevations, before finally reaching the higher crags and rocky tors of the Highland peaks themselves.



Scottish highlands quilt


Numerous fractures of varied tonal fabrics, when stitched together, confer a feeling of motion and depth, as though breathing life itself into this  striking depiction of Caledonia.

Rays of light create shadows, which give a sense of movement to the otherwise still shapes of rock, stream, and moorland.

A closer look at the larger photo above shows the root of the thistle originating from the Celtic knot at the lower right.


Scottish thistle quilt


The stream running through mid-piece is further emphasized by 'waves' of blue metallic threads adding a gleam to the watery brightness.

The quilt is machine-pieced, and top-stitched with satin stitch better focus the eye upon mountain, moorland, water, and hillock , as they wander across the individual fracture pieces.

The right side of the landscape is dominated by a thistle - traditionally considered the Flower of Scotland.   Appliqued right over the fracture pieces, it is rendered in metallic lame fabrics, and top-stitched with matching metallic threads.


The entire scene is initially bordered with a deep purple fabric to emphasize the thistle theme and colour.  A wider border of deep blue then frames the piece, serving as an anchor for the accompanying Celtic knot design.


Celtic knot tapestry


Together - the white and blue of this larger border represent the colours of the national flag - The Scottish Salter.

Situated at the four corners is a Trinity Knot design - adding a spiritual theme of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as found in ancient and traditional Celtic knotwork.

Enclosed within the pattern of knots around the border is The Flower of Scotland tartan.  This particular plaid was commissioned in memory of Roy Williamson, composer of the Scottish national anthem of the same name.  It is a variation of the Clan Gunn tartan worn by Mr. Williamson.  It is also that of the artist who shares the same Clan.

A ribbon of Flower of Scotland binds the entire quilt together for further continuity of theme and design - a fitting benediction to this unique presentation of Scottish heritage and tradition.

 The flower of Scotland


As an added whimsical touch...stars of silver metallic thread were stitched into a configuration of  The Plough - Mr. Williamson's favourite constellation.

The wall-hanging was sketched from a BBC video entitled, "A Vision of the Corries", with Scotland's most famous folk musicians, Ronnie Browne and Roy Williamson. 

The landscape is part of the filmed background to the song, "Massacre of Glen Coe."


The Flower of Scotland is priced at $950, plus  shipping.


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