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Fractured Landscapes

Fractured Landscapes are just that - landscaped scenes which have been 'fractured' .
They are cut into smaller parts, each piece stitched in a similar fabric tone
and then put back together like a big jigsaw puzzle.
It makes for a beautiful presentation - portraying landscapes with depth and dimension.
A still-life scene that breaths, flows in the air, and has movement!
Simply Gorgeous!



Smokey Mountain Landscape Quilt




This quilt is from a scene  in the television show Christy, based on Catherine Marshall's beloved book.  The particular episode was entitled, 'Judgement Day'.

A multitude of fractures in the landscape serve to highlight the play of light and dark values, giving a sense of movement and depth to the piece.

Nothing is still or static; the fractures actually breath life into the scene.

The piece measures 52" by 58", and is framed within borders of varying widths and colours...white, lilac, marbled green and mottled blue.  Each of which picks up and enhances one of the major colours from the fractured scene itself.



Landscape Quilt, Smokey Mountains



A wide variety of fabrics give substance to the surrounding scenery of  brush and woodland, mountain and stream....against a backdrop of blue -tinted sky.

The fracture in the very center of the quilt is that of a circle, encasing the main characters of the story for emphasis.

This quilt was machine-pieced.  The top is heavily stitched using a combination of both free-style machine quilting, and hand-quilting.  Thus giving greater definition and clarity to the various shapes of tree trunks and boughs, water, mountain and brush, as they meander across the numerous fractured pieces.

Fractured Landscape quilt



As with all fractured-style quilts, the top-stitching reflects directly onto the back, which in turn becomes a repetition of the scene depicted on the front.

From the back view, the quilting lines and colours are more distinct and clear without the distraction of fabric patterns and designs.  A case of either side being its own work of art!






Floral landscape quilt



Measuring  43" wide by 56" long, this quilt depicts two irises nested against a background of woodland and fern.

It is an excellent example of  how well fractured quilts lend themselves to closer, more detailed studies of nature.

The vividly coloured borders of green and yellow pick up on, and enhance, those colours found within the central fracture piece itself.

A traditional Flying Geese pattern of lilac-hued triangles on a darker purple background further enhance the beautiful colours of the quilt overall, while providing a lovely contrast to the varying shades of green and wood-bark which otherwise predominate.




Floral landscape quilt




Darker fractures apply near the bottom of the quilt, as less light is found on the forest floor; while brighter fractures prevail above, where sunlight presumably reaches the floral blooms in a more direct manner,  highlighting the beauty and delicacy of their structure and colour.

The wall-hanging is machine-pieced.  And the top is sewn with embroidered machine satin-stitching, to outline and give body to the shapes of fern, leaf, stems, and branches.  The flower petals are also thusly defined.

The two Irises stand out as the focal point of the piece due to the bright and vivid colours which make up their individual fractured pieces.

Iris Medley is currently available for sale.   For more photos and detailed information please go to Iris Medley







Fractured Landscape Quilt


Hidden deep in the coves of the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, is a small rocky crag known as Bear Rock.

This quilt is an interpretation of that simple scene of mountain and sky, rendered into a deeply fractured, and distinct work of art.

Measuring  52" wide, by 50" long, it is machine pieced, and then top-stitched with both machine and hand-quilting.

The night sky fades away into morning with growing rays of light.  This is further played out, as vaults of the mountain peaks below clash, yet blend in, with the newly-dawning day.

Across the rolling hillside, an occasional shaft of light escapes to further shine the glory of morning upon the lower foothills and forest scenery.



Fractured Landscape Quilt

The quilt is framed with borders of white and lilac fabrics.  A traditional Prairie Point border of marbled blue and green echo the colours found in the central landscape scenery.

This close-up shows the rock structure itself - fractured into 3 squares, nested one within another.   The rigid edges a counterpoint to the smooth-curving billows of the sky above.

A small bush with three red roses has been embroidered onto the rock top, for an unusual touch of colour and contrast, against the surrounding grey of stone and shale.


Mountain Landscape Quilt



Dozens of different patterned and coloured fabrics go into the making of a fractured landscape quilt, and are indeed a hallmark of this style of quilting.  

Here you can see a small sample of the many fabrics that went into the making and shaping of the tree tops from the forest scene at the very bottom of the quilt, below the rock structure.






Fractured Landscapes are a joy and delight to look at....and to make.
If you are interested in a Landscape Quilt of a favourite or familiar scene, please contact us at 617-304-4249
or email