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Hobby Quilts

Hobbies come in many types of shapes and styles.  They come in assorted colours and sizes.
All of which are an expression of You!  The potential is endless! 
Have a specific interest or passion for something special?  Model trains or cars?  Stamps or coins?
Perhaps you collect teapots, or cup and saucer sets.   Dolls or angels. 
Maybe you are an avid gardener who loves flowers!
Any of the above would make a lovely wall-hanging.
Hobby Quilts make delightful and colour-filled display pieces for both home and office.
A work of art - distinctly you!



Hobby Quilts


The Parrots

This rather unusual quilt is the result of a client's love for tropical birds.  And while she generally collects the real thing, the colourful design of parrots displayed here adds further joy to this rather unique hobby.

A combination of bright, vibrant, tropical colours, and glimmering metallic threads makes this a delightful piece to display, and share with family and friends.

The birds depicted are:  a Blue Gold Macaw, an African Grey, an Orange Wing-Tipped Amazon, a Mandarin Love Bird, and a Scarlet Macaw.




tropical birds, parrots, quilts, hobbies



The parrots are  nestled, each on their own perch, amidst a tropical rainforest print of green and blue ferns.   Framed by a small strip of black satin fabric for contrast, the quilt is then bordered by a deep blue sky fabric, and then finished off with a traditional Prairie Point border.  The brightly-coloured triangles are made with the same fabrics as the birds, for continuity of design.


Hobby quilts, tropical birds




The quilt measures 46" x 46", and is machine-pieced.  The birds are top-stitched with brightly-coloured metallic threads.  While the lattice strips and borders are hand-quilted with silver metallic thread, which weaves strands of reflective light throughout the entire piece. 

What a delightful and whimsical way to celebrate a hobby!


Now, what passion or interest would you like to celebrate?  Got a hobby to share?  We've got a quilt  for you!


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