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Home Decor

Quilts are not just about wall-hangings, tapestries, or bedspreads.
There is so much more, encompassing any number of unique display pieces for your home!
A custom-designed tablecloth with matching chair pads can give a new look to an old dining room.
Try a runner on the coffee table, with coordinating pillows on the sofa...
and you've perked up the den or living room.
Custom pieces can be made to enhance any style or taste.
They add a warm and distinctive touch to both home and office!



Any number of designs and styles are possible and available to fit your individual decor.
 The following set was done in traditional Amish.

Custom Home Decor Pieces




Measuring 40" by 40", this custom-styled tablecloth complements the oakwood table beautifully, providing a rustic, country look.  

The antique look comes from sewing and hand-quilting the piece first, and then washing several times.  As a result the fabric shrinks, and this gives it that distinctive 'age' look.


Traditional quilting blocks, tablecloths


A traditional 'Star Garden'  block design serves as the focal point for the center of the piece. 

This closer view shows some of the densely, detailed hand-stitching which is so typical of the Amish patterns.  Brightly-coloured threads against the deep black background makes for a wonderful and eye-catching contrast.

The tablecloth is machine-pieced.  While the top is entirely hand-quilted.




Quilted table runner




Very distinctive, this runner is done in a traditional block pattern knows as "Grape Basket".  Measuring 16" wide and 61" long, this colour-filled piece fits well on a coffee table or in the dining room.

Stitched in solid coloured fabrics, it is a bright and vibrant pieced, framed with a border of randomly placed blocks that match the colours used in the Grape Basket design.  A black binding finishes the runner.  The sharp contrast between the bright and vivid coloured fabrics against the black,  makes for an eye-catching piece, that is yet restful at the same time.  A hallmark of Amish design.

Machine pieced, the runner is entirely hand-quilted.

Amish Block



A close view shows some of the detailed hand-quilting, which adds so much to this lovely piece.

All items listed here have finished seams for longer wear and durability.

They can be both machine-washed and dried.







 home decorating, custom made


Done in a traditional "Diamond within a Square" pattern, the seat covers made to match the table items above, are stitched using the same solid coloured fabrics. 

In this case, however, they are hand-quilted with black nylon thread - similar to fishing line, the added strength this gives makes for better wear and durability given the constant usage.

Each chair pad is finished off with cording of a contrasting colour.

Reinforced ties at the back corners ensure  the chair covers remain securely in place.

These pieces too, can be machine-washed and dried.   They were designed for regular usage, and are durable enough for daily wear.



If you are interested in Home Decor items such as those shown above, give us a call at 617-304-4249 
or email

We can custom-design a pattern which matches your own personal taste and style,
 to enhance, or touch-up your current decor....a burst of warmth and colour to wherever you call home.