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Iris Medley


Iris floral Quilt




This landscape quilt is an excellent example of a closer, more in-depth study of nature.  It is a re-interpretation of a watercolour  painted by artist Barbara Goss, from a postcard.

The colour and design of the two irises lend themselves beautifully to the medium of fabric art.  Measuring 43" wide by 56" in length, the quilt depicts two irises against a background of fern and tree.

 Darker fractures apply near the bottom of the quilt, as less light is found on the forest floor; while brighter fractures prevail above where sunlight presumably reaches the floral blooms in a more direct manner,  highlighting the beauty and delicacy of their structure and colour.

The overall design is machine-pieced, while the top is finished using both hand and machine quilting.




Floral landscape quilt


A vivid yellow border encases a smaller frame of marbled green.  Purple squares at each of the corners draw the eye inwards callinging attention to the floral centerpiece....where the irises are further emphasized by the light tonal qualities of their respective fractures.

A larger border, using the traditional Flying Geese pattern, picks up on the varying shades of purple and lavender.  This finishes the quilt nicely,  emphasizing a continuity which extends from both within the design, as well as from without.


Shades of purple, pink, and yellow, repeat in the different fabrics and patterns which make up the flowers.  This gives an elegant simplicity of design - one that is akin to that found in nature itself.  It also makes for an eye-pleasing counterpoint to the predominate greens and browns of the forest and fern background.

Floral fractured landscape quilt


The two Irises stand out as the focal point of the piece due to the bright and vivid colours which make up their individual fractured pieces.

The wall-hanging is machine-pieced.  And the top is sewn with embroidered machine satin-stitching to outline, and give body to the shapes of fern, leaf, stems, and branches.  The flower petals are also thusly defined.

Together this  makes for a very unique and colourful piece.  A tapestry designed to brighten up any wall it home or office.



Iris flower quilt


The colourful top-stitching on the front of the quilt mirrors onto the back of the piece in a lovely display of flower petals, woodland stems, and leaves.


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