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Labyrinth Quilts


Labyrinth, New Age Quilt


This is a classical Labyrinth design consisting of seven circuits.  It begins with the drawing of a Cross - from which the circles then spread outward. 

Dating from prehistoric times, Labyrinths have been considered sacred spaces, and today are used as devotional aids, or for meditation and/or healing.

Although found all across Europe, this particular configuration is most famous for its association with Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, birthplace of the legendary King Arthur, and home to Merlin's Cave.  This design is one of two petroglyphs carved into the nearby cliff-side.

Unlike a maze, which is a puzzle of branching passageways, the Labyrinth has but a single entrance....and one simple pathway leading to the center.


The colour scheme depicted here is Moon by Night.  It was stitched in cool, evening shades of deep purple, turquoise, and emerald green, onto a pale lavender background.  The Labyrinth circles are rendered in a multi-coloured bias tape which pick up and highlights these colours.

Celtic Quilts, Mystic Art Quilts

Each circuit is outlined in hand-quilted metallic thread.  This helps to draw the eye inward to the center of the quilt, and allows the Labyrinth itself to 'shine' in the Light.

Multi-coloured bias tape was used to define the circuits.  A closer view gives a glimpse of the colours inherent in the Labyrinth circuits.  These hues are an echo of the larger colour-scheme found in the quilt as a whole.

And while the colours used are bright and vivid, they are also to catch the eye, yet offering a source of rest and peace for the mind. 


Labyrinth Quilt, New Age Tapestry



Various Celtic knot designs are hand-quilted throughout the piece, in threads of contrasting colours to the background. 

This particular knot design (right) seen throughout  the ancient Celtic world, is known as a Trinity Knot.  It is said to represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and is used here to further emphasize the sacredness of the Labyrinth Journey into the Self.

To walk the path of a Labyrinth, is to journey deep within to the inner Self.  It is pilgrimage, a means of bringing about a greater awareness of one's life, and a closer sense of God's  presence in that life.  Many find the Labyrinth 'walk' to have a calming and soothing effect.  Others use it as a means for opening up creativity, or to see things in a clearer manner, effecting clarity of thought in decision-making.

Labyrinth Quilt, New Age Tapestry

These Labyrinth designs lend themselves beautifully to a variety of colour schemes.  Using different colours can completely change the mood and aura of the Labyrinth.

This particular Labyrinth (left) known as Light of Day, is done in Autumn-like hues of goldenrod, cinnamon, and brick-red, on an apple-green background.  Here the Labyrinth circle shows these same colours in a multi-hued bias tape.

Labyrinth Quilts measure between 40" and 43" square.  They are machine pieced, and the tops are both machine and hand-quilted.   A sleeve sewn onto the back holds a dowel, allowing it to be hung on the wall.


These quilts can be done in any colour  palette of your choice.  Whatever matches with your home decor or office....and what best suits your mood, or personal style and taste.

Imagine the Labyrinth in quiet, soothing shades of blue and aqua, or a peaceful hint of sunrise with its peach and  yellow overtones of sherbet tints.  Or celebrate the hope and promise of the season, or in your heart, with the delicacy and lightness of pastels.

We can make this Quilt to order for you....or you can make it yourself with our new Labyrinth Quilt Kit.


Custom-made Labyrinth Quilts are priced at $275, plus shipping.  An initial deposit of $75 is required, the remainder to be paid when the piece is ready to ship.  Please allow 4-6 weeks from time of order.

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type in 'Labyrinth'...the colours you'd like to use...and a deposit amount of $75.
You will receive an immediate acknowledgement and reply.

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