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Madonna and Child

 Madonna and Child Quilt



A beautiful and simple rendition of the traditional Madonna and Child.  One of our smaller pieces, it measures 39" by 29".

This is a unique , and detailed interpretation, of a triptych (3-paneled screen) by Flemish artist, Melchior Broderlam from 1395.   Designed as part of an altarpiece for a monastery in Dijon, France, it is entitled "Flight into Egypt.

The quilt shown at left is done in Autumn shades of burgundy, rust, topaz and orange, with green for contrast.



Flight into Egypt, Broderlam



However, with a change in colour scheme, this same design takes on a look similar to Broderlam's original piece, pictured at right.

Madonna and Child Tapestry



Mother and Child are the focal point of these lovely wall-hangings. 

Simplicity of design, and clean, clear cut lines afford an elegance and dignity in keeping with the religious significance of the subject matter.

There is a reverence and respect apparent in both the execution of  design, and the accompanying decorative stitching.  The materials used reflect this well.

The facial features are delicately done in pigma ink.



Madonna and Child Quilt



Notice in both quilts, there is a heart shaped piece of fabric just below the child - in topaz at right, and in dark blue below - each top-stitched for emphasis.  A quiet way of denoting the love between mother and child.

Madonna and Child Tapestry





Although difficult to see from the photos, the open area surrounding the central Madonna and Child design, is filled in with free-form hand-quilting, picking up on the swirling vine patterns of the main background fabric. 

Metallic threads on both the central piece, and the halo around the head of the Madonna, give the quilt a little glimmer in the light.



Traditional Flying Geese Quilt


The Quilts are framed in a traditional Flying Geese pattern consisting of 54 triangles, using fabrics from the central design.  The triangles appear to be chasing one another around the border in flight - a connection to Broderlam's theme of "Flight into Egypt".  This adds yet another layer of continuity helping to tie the design into Broderlam's original Triptych.


Flying Geese Quilt Pattern




Each individual triangle is also hand-quilted in a matching thread.




Madonna and Child Quilt



The stitching from the front of the quilt carries over onto the reverse side. 

A sleeve is sewn onto the back to hold a dowel for hanging.

The Quilt is machine-pieced, and the top is both machine and hand-quilted.






The Madonna and Child is priced at $300, and can be custom-ordered in a colour scheme of your choice.   

An initial deposit of $100 is required, with the remaining cost, plus shipping due upon completion.

To order a Madonna and Child Tapestry, please click the button below to enter PayPal's site for a safe and secure transaction.  Type in "Madonna Quilt", and the amount of your deposit.  You will receive an acknowledgement from Custom Quilts.


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