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Memory Quilts

Memory Quilts hold a special place in the hearts of those who make quilts.
They have been a time-honored way of paying tribute to the spirit of a friend or family member who has passed on,
or moved away - perhaps emigrating thousands of miles from home. 
Before there were telephones, email, easy travel, or even photographs....there were Memory Quilts.
Especially designed and stitched to keep alive the love and sweet remembrance of someone the heart holds dear.
There is something very comforting...even healing...about curling up under one of these quilts,
or wrapping it around you like a hug. 
In one form or another - love lives on...always.



Memory Quilt, honor, tribute, death


Resurrection. . .
The Oaks of Righteousness


A very different Memory Quilt.  This pieced is based on the resurrection verse in Isaiah 61: 2-3.  This scripture was chosen by the family to be read at the funeral - and now...commemorates the life of their loved one in a beautiful and meaningful tribute quilt.

"To comfort all who mourn,
and provide for those who grieve,
to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes,
the oil of gladness instead of a spirit of despair.
They shall be called the oaks of righteousness - a planting of the Lord."

Measuring 50" x 60", this quilt was done in vivid fall colours of rust, forest green, orange, and topaz, appliqued onto a background of marbled apple green.  It incorporates the shades of late summer/early autumn as the season of the loved one's passing

The wall-hanging depicts two entwined oak branches in autumnal splendour.  Oak being the tree which traditionally symbolizes strength and courage - a testament to the life of the deceased.




 Oak tree, autumn leaves, quilt


A closer look shows a more detailed view of the brightly coloured oak leaves, complete with veining...and naturally, a few acorns.

Each leaf is individually top-stitched using a metallic thread of matching colour, to give further definition to the oak-leaf shape.


Remembrance quilt, memory quilt




Here you can see the actual veining of the individual leaves.  And notice the glimmer of the metallic threads shining in the light. 

It is this attention to detail which makes the quilt an heirloom piece, and one-of-a-kind work of art.  A warm and loving memory worth treasuring.



Isaiah 61:2-3,  bible quilt, verse




The verse from Isaiah is done in calligraphy right onto the quilt itself.  It is written using permanent pigma-ink in colours of green and deep brown, reflecting the tones of branch and leaf.

This quilt is machine-pieced and top-stitched.  Tabs sewn into the top facilitate a dowel for hanging.  Alternatively a sleeve can be sewn onto the back for hanging.


This is a very special Memory Quilt . . . a beautiful tribute to the beloved in a very unique and unusual way.  Over time it will become a cherished family heirloom, which can be passed down with pride - and heart - to younger generations.  Thus ensuring the memory of love it represents lives on....never to be forgotten

To order a Memory Quilt of similar design, with the same verse from Isaiah, or to request a verse and design of your own preference....please contact Custom Quilts at   617-304-4249 or email

There is no fee to consult, and no obligation to buy.   Budget plans are available.



Lillian's Quilt

Memory quilt, remember a loved one


This is one of the most basic and endearing forms of Memory Quilts.  As such it stitches up quickly, and works well as a wall-hanging, a bed throw...or even as a lap blanket or shawl.

It is made from 6" squares of fabric cut from the blouses, skirts, and dresses of the deceased family member.  In this particular instance, the husband saved his wife's clothing to be made into quilts.  There was enough material available to make a quilt for him, and for their two children.

The piece  measures 42" x 63", and is tied at the corners.  It is bound in red fabric which was his late wife's favorite colour.  A sleeve sewn onto the back of the quilt allows for hanging on the can also be used as a bed throw, or shawl.

In of family and/or friends can be transferred onto fabric and easily stitched into a quilt such as this.  Also, small appliqued and embroidery pieces, representing the loved one's logo, favorite flower, interest, pet,  or hobby... can be added to the squares, giving even more substance to the memory, and making it a truly beloved heirloom....and comfort piece.



Memory quilts, tribute, honor


The quilt is tied at the corners, to make it more durable and longer lasting.  The squares were arranged randomly, with no set pattern. 

And with enough fabric to make three quilts...Lillian's husband, and each of her two children, can share in this loving tribute together.  A very meaningful way to preserve the  memory of a beloved wife and mother.

For more information regarding Memory Quilts....or for ideas and suggestions in working out your own personal design,  please feel free to call or contact us at  617-304-4249  or  email

There is no charge for consulting, and no obligation to buy.