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Pricing Details and Information

The cost of a custom piece varies with size and detail.  We are happy to assist you with a quilt design that will fit your budget, as well as your life-style.  There is no charge for consulting on a piece, and no obligation to buy. You will pay only for any item actually ordered.



Home Decor. . . items typically start at $30-$50 for pillows, and $50-$80 for chair pads.  The price increases with size and detail.  An initial deposit of between $20-$50 is required.


Tablecloths and Runners. . . . range in price from $100-$300 depending on size and intricacy of design.  A deposit of $40-75 is standard.


Religious Stoles. . . are priced at $250-$350, dependent upon detail of design and special fabrics used.   A deposit of $100 is generally asked for.


Paraments/Altar Cloths. . . start at $800 and range upwards in accordance with the number of pieces requested, and the intricacy and detail of design.  The deposit varies with the cost of fabrics and is calculated on an individual basis.  Budget plans are available.


Memory Quilts. . . typically range from between $250-$500 depending on what fabrics/materials are supplied by the client in the form of personal clothing/items.  Also taken into account are the number of photographs used (if any).  3-4 photos/per quilt do not add appreciably to the cost, whereas 15-30 photos/piece can have an impact.  Quilts are negotiated in accordance with each individual design and detail, and are based upon what the client feels is best suited to their needs and ideas.


Celebration Quilts. . .  are based upon the same criteria as Memory Quilts - see above.


Fractured Landscapes and Watercolour Quilts. . . are very involved pieces, and begin at $600 for smaller, simpler designs; going as high as $1000+ for larger, more intricate details and designs.  Cost is negotiated on an individual basis, according to what works best for both client and seller.


Budget plans are available for higher priced items.

For detailed information regarding Terms and Conditions, i.e. payment, scheduling, shipping. . .  please visit our FAQ's page.

References are available upon request.

To place or discuss a potential order. . . please call us at 617-304-4249 or email

We look forward to working with you.