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Science Fiction and Fantasy

Where the imagination has no boundaries . . .  . Where anything and everything becomes possible!




Dragonslayer's SwordThe Dragon Slayer's Sword



This piece was designed at the request of author Resa Nelson, to celebrate publication of her new novel, The Dragon Slayer's Sword, the first in a series of four books.

It is the story of Astrid, a blacksmith in a village routinely threatened by migrating dragons.  Her lover DiStephan has mysteriously vanished, and Astrid suspects the dragons are behind his untimely disappearance.  She forges a sword which her heart believes will end the terror visited upon her people by these dragons, and perhpas learn DeStephan's fate as well.

This Sword tapestry honors Astrid's belief in herself and her handiwork.

The sword is done in silver lame, metallic fabric...raised on a bed of polyfill to give it a 3-dimensional aspect.   It rests on a background of mottled hunter green fabric, encased in borders of cherry vine fusion...the vines giving an impression of tongues of fire. 




Dragon - Science fantasy


In the upper right corner a  rhinestone dragon has broken through the border, where it rains down seven quilted lines of fire  in gold metallic thread.  Seven was considered by the ancients to be a number of mystery, magic, and power.

Here you can see some of the intricate, hand-quilted detail....from the golden lines of fire, to the Trinity Knots stitched along the borders of the quilt.


Dragon Slayer Sword


The Sword, as depicted, is authentically done to scale.  2-3" wide at the base, and tapering to a point, it measures 35" in length.  Crafted from silver tissue-paper lame fabric, it lies on a raised bed of batting for a 3-dimensional effect.  The hilt of the sword is embellished with silver braid, giving the impression of intricate silverwork, which was not only for looks, but a device employed to assure a stronger grip in battle.  The pommel of the sword carries 3 red jewels in a triangular design - echoing the eye of the dragon. 

The Sword Tapestry measures 32" by 53".  It is machined-pieced and hand-appliqued.  The piece is entirely hand-quilted using gold and silver metallic thread.



But. . . oh what a difference colour can make!


Dragon-slayer's sword


Same quilt design - different colour presentation.  Here the colours are reversed.  Burgundy for the main background colour, and a green vine-fusion for the borders.

For a more dramatic impact, the rhinestone dragon is on a raised bed of fabric, encased within a jagged circle of fire.   Notice the fine hand-quilted stitching.

fire breathing dragon



The top-stitching and hand-quilting transfer onto the back of the piece, where they echo the design from the front.

A sleeve is sewn onto the back of the quilt to hold a dowel or rod, for hanging on the wall.

This Dragon tapestry would look well in a variety of colour schemes.  Picture the silver sword on a background of  deep purple encased in a border of sky, or turquoise blue....or perhaps a background of royal blue with a border of light pink or peach. 

Whatever colour captures your fancy or imagination can become possible.  It is, after all, a world of fantasy!


If you are interested in having a DragonSlayer's Sword of your own, either as depicted here, or with a colour scheme of your choosing, please feel free to contact us...

We can be reached at   617-304-4249 or email us at

The cost of this piece is $350, plus shipping.   A deposit of $100 is required, with the remainder to be paid upon completion.


 Check it out...

....the book Dragon Slayer's  Sword is the first is a series of four books about Astrid.
Followed by The Iron Maiden, The Dragon's Egg and The Stone of Darkness.
All four books can be purchased at Amazon

For further information you can visit Resa Nelson's Website - to learn more about her work and the exciting world of Science Fiction and Fantasy!