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The Shepherd

This quilt was inspired by the beauty and comfort of the words
found in the Book of Revelation from the New Testament Bible;
Chapter 7, verses 16-17....
"Never again will they hunger; never again will they thirst,
For the Lamb will be their shepherd;
He will lead them to Springs of Living Water.
And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes


.The Shepherd

Measuring 42" x 42" square, this quilt is set on the diagonal for a measurement of 60".

Bright and colourful, the quilt also soothes and calms; emphasizing as it does the reassurance found in the words from Revelations 7:16- 17 as stated above.

The piece was completely done in all applique work, which was both machine and hand-stitched.  Heavy, dense, hand-quilting delineatess and echoes the various shapes and forms.

The green and blue borders carry out the theme of living waters, and God's providence and caring for His people.

The Shepherd

The Shepherd and His flock remain the focus through out the pastoral scene of the quilt.  The 'streams of living water' are conveyed via two shades of blue, in metallic lame fabric for emphasis.  The Shepherds' robes are folded and draped over a layer of batting to give an impression of human form.  He carries a staff to guide and lead the frolicking lambs to water....and safety.  Ever watchful, ever vigilant.

A Celtic knot design below with it's never-ending over under pattern, conveys a sense of the Eternal upon which the quilt is based.

The Shepherd

The beautiful words from Revelations are hand-printed right onto the fabric itself, using pigma pen ink.  This ink is permanent in nature and will not fade with time.

The verse is located directly beneath the Shepherd and his flock, and is also surrounded by very dense hand-quilting.

.The Shepherd

The quilt overflows with a presentation of colour in the form of a variety of fruits, representing the abundance with which the Lord provides for those in His care.

Here to the left of the Shepherd, is a display of oranges, pears and grapes, laid out in a pleasing design amidst an array of matching leaves, stems, and branches.

Each piece is top-stitched for further emphasis of design and detail, using a combination of both solid and patterned fabric to get the most realistic representation.

You can see the dense hand-quilting which surrounds and echoes the applique work.

The fruit is stuffed with poly-fill and batting, to give a slight 3-dimensional touch.  Machine stitching allows the fruit to appear puffed-up for a more life-like effect.

.The Shepherd

To the right above the Shepherd is yet another display of colour and abundance.  Here we find peaches, plums, and cherries.  Stems, leaves and branches are all true to form with their corresponding fruits.

These too are stuffed for a 3-dimensional effect which the machine stitching highlights in terms of shape.

The dense hand-quilting carries over here as well, echoing and surrounding the fruit pieces.

Machine and hand-embroidery aim for a portrayal as true to life as is possible to get with fabric and thread.

On the whole, it makes for a delightful representation of Nature at her most colourful and best.

The Shepherd



The beautiful Rose of Sharon is mentioned in many places through out both the Hebrew and New Testament Scriptures.  It is synonymous with beauty, in addition to its religious overtones.

It features as part of the top triangle of the quilt, the better to stand out and play a prominent role with its elegant simplicity.  This is in contrast to the busier patterns of fruits and leaves found at the two sides.

Again, the dense hand-quilting adds a beauty all its own, that no fabric or colour could imitate.

Directly below the flower buds, you catch a glimpse of the tear, as mentioned in the verse.

The Shepherd

"And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes."  The true centerpiece of The Shepherd....a Swavorski Crystal in the shape of a tear drop.  Densely hand-quilted lines radiate from the teardrop, touching every aspect of the design...right down to The Shepherd himself.

The symbolism is heartwarming.  The understanding that we are loved and provided for - in abundance - comforting and reassuring.  This message is the whole reason behind the conception and making of this piece.

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