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Stained-Glass Designs

Stained-Glass . . . elegant in its beauty, simplicity, and colour.   Art Nouveau - a timeless classic!



Stained-Glass Quilt

Woodland Orchids


Interpretation of a design from Three Swan Studios, entitled "Woodland Orchids."

It is executed in shades of purple, violet, pink, and yellow; encased in a light green lame - a shiny metallic-type fabric.  Used together in this manner, it makes for a delightful contrast in both colour and texture.

A smaller piece, this wall-hanging measures 27" x 27".




Floral, stained-glass quilt




As a finishing touch, the quilt is framed by a traditional Prairie Point Border, using the same colours found in the center floral orchids.  This gives a lovely continuity to the piece.

The  quilt is machine-stitched, and then hand-quilted with silver metallic thread over the dark green border for added contrast.  Like the lame fabric, this gives a shine and glimmer to the piece...especially when the light hits it.


If you are interested in commissioning a stained-glass piece for you home of office,  please feel free to contact Custom Quilts at 617-304-4249  or email us at



"Woodland Orchids" is a design from Three Swan Studios.  They can be found on the web at