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Scottish mountains, Suilven, Quilts



This quilt brings home a touch of the Scottish Highlands.

Suilven (Sula Bhein/gaelic) is a large rock formation distinct in both size and shape.  It is located near Sutherland in the northwest of Scotland as part of the Inverpolly Natural Nature Reserve.  Unusual, in that it is an almost vertical rise out of the surrounding area of bog, moorlands, and the lochanns on all sides.

A magnificent piece of scenery!

Ancient Vikings sailing around the northwest corner of Scotland, coming upon this huge rock formation named it accordingly...Suilven (sool-ven), meaning Grey Pillar.

The quilt measures 42" wide and 53" long, and is machine-pieced.  The top itself consists of both hand and machine quilting.



Notice the stream at the bottom, which flows out of the 'picture' and right off the quilt itself...a waterfall in sparkling shades of blue and white froth, glimmering with sequins and metallic threads.  An unusual and distinctive feature.

A knot design of multi-hued bias tape in autumn shades and colours frames the quilt perfectly!   The knotted border design is hand-quilted in a copper-metallic thread to pick up the surrounding light.  In addition, hand-quilted rays and echo-quilting emphasize this impressive mountain of rock and stone.


Photo Suilven


This spectacular view of Suilven was suggested from a photograph by renowned Scottish photographer, Douglas Corrance, from his book entitled, Scotland: A Visual Journey, by Mainstream Publishing, LTD, Edinburgh, in 1999.

The balance of mountain background, and stream in the foreground, offers a beautiful symmetry which is the hallmark of a good quilt. With banks of bracken and brush on either side, there is a harmony here that makes for a perfect landscape piece.


Scottish highland quilts, tapestries




Throughout hundreds of years, the softer rocks of Suilven eroded, leaving a virtual island of rock known as an "Inselburg" or "Island Mountain".  This quilt depicts Casteal Liath (grey castle) which is the highest point, and Meal Beag (little hill).



Streams, riverbanks, landscapes



The lower 'scapes' of moorland and bog are shown close up here at right.  Banks of moss and bracken in varying shades of burgundy reds, and cinnamon-orange hues, mingle with the heavier brown and rocky shore - offering a distinct colour contrast.  Glimpses of reed and rock protrude up through the fast-flowing stream.

The water and rocks of the stream below, is both a reflection of...and counterpoint to....Suilven itself, and the bright blue sky within which she sits.




Scottish landscape quilt


Strands of white yarn, studded with sequins, and entwined with blue iridescent yarn,  add a realistic sense of movement to the swirling stream.  The water has a glimmer and sparkle, making for an interesting contrast to the surrounding rocks and riverbank.


Some of the 'rocks' midstream have been stuffed with polyfill - to give a 3-dimensional look, whereupon they seem to rise above, and out of the surrounding water current.


Scottish landscape quilt



The currents of the stream appear to flow from the base of Suilven itself, down and right out of the quilt entirely.  The water is alive and dynamic, in sharp contrast to the rocky stone edifice which towers above.

Suilven, this ancient "Island Mountain", has stood sentinel for hundreds of years; watching over the surrounding landscape and its people...a beacon of rock for sails at sea.

A proud piece to own...a small token of hang on your wall, and call home.


Decorative stitching on the front, echoes to the back of the piece where a sleeve is inset to hold a dowel for  hanging.






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